Housing Division

The City of Montebello is dedicated to assisting the community in meeting their affordable housing needs. We offer a range of services including; rental assistance, residential and rental rehabilitation, home ownership assistance, capital improvements and community housing and economic development.

For more information please contact Housing Division at 323-887-1390.

Housing Rights Center

Supports and promotes freedom of residence for everyone in the City regardless of race, religion, national origin, sex, color, age, physical handicap or marital status. Services include discrimination complaint investigations, enforcement and impact litigation, education and outreach as well as landlord/tenant counseling services and monthly rental list.

Pasadena Main Office
1020 N. Fair Oaks Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91103
(626) 791-0211

Los Angeles Office
520 S. Virgel Ave., #400
Los Angeles, CA 90020

or by visiting Housing Rights Center of the San Gabriel Valley website for rental listings and Section 8 information at www.hrc-la.org

Tenant & Landlord Rights

The "California Tenants" booklet is a practical resource for both tenants and landlords. It provides information about rental applications, unlawful discrimination, security deposits, repair responsibilities, rent increases, termination of leases, eviction notices, and includes inventory checklist for use before moving in, and again when moving out. You can get more information by visiting the California Department of Consumer Affairs Web site at www.dca.ca.gov or by calling 800-952-5210. We hope you find this information helpful. However, if additional assistance is required staff members at Montebello are happy to help. For more information, please contact:

City of Montebello
Economic Development Division
(323) 887-1390

Home Improvement Program

Provides financial assistance to low and moderate-income homeowners to afford the repairs that their homes need.

  • Subsidized or deferred loans
  • 3% fixed interest rate
  • Applicant must own & occupy the house

For more information, or for an application, please contact:

City of Montebello
Economic Development Division
(323) 887-1390

Rental Rehabilitation Loan Program

Improve and preserve the City’s existing rental housing stock and allow low and moderate-income renters to afford the rehabilitated units.

  • Tenants must be low or moderate-income
  • Amortized or deferred loans
  • 3% fixed interest rate
  • Montebello properties only

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